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You're Old

If you’ve got great banter this jar could be right up your street! Give your recipient a bit of a chuckle with this cheeky classic retro candy sweet jar! Our 'You're Old' Jar is a great way to insult someone but also give them a gift!

This 'You're Old' personalised jar is filled with classic candy such as Dip Dabs, Popping Candy, Fruit Salads, Candy Sticks & many more, it will take them right back to their childhood, especially if they really are old…

With the cleverly designed 'You're Old' label you are able to choose from two different colour options, Teal & Purple.

Personalisation takes 1-2 working days. 

Key Features:

- Filled with 'You're Old' Retro Sweets

- Arrives Gift Wrapped

- Personalised to your specification

Further Information:

- May contain nuts

- May contain allergens, check ingredients

- Not suitable for children under 36 months

- Not suitable for Vegetarians

1.8 Litre Jar, approximate weight including contents is 1.4kg.

Victorian Jar Contents

Love Hearts x3, Fizzers x3, Double Candy Lolly x1, Candy Whistle x1, Jawbreaker x1, Zoo Pops x1, Sherbet Tub x1, Rainbow Dust Straws x5, Fruity Pops x3,  Hard boiled sweets x5, Drumstick bar x1, Stinger bar x1, Snap Crackle Bar x1

Retro Jar Contents

Parma Violets x5, Mini Love Hearts x5, Fizzers x5, Double Candy Lollies x3, Refreshers x5, Black Jacks x5, Fruit Lollipop x3, Sour Jawbreaker x1, Bubble Gum x2, Fruit Salad x5, Strawberry Popping Candy x1, Double Dip x1, Skittles x1, Haribo Party Bag x1, Rainbow Drops x1, Rainbow Dust Straws x10, Candy Whistle x1, Wham Bar x1, Drumstick Chew Bar x1, Candy Sticks x1, Dip Dab x1, Strawberry Nerds x1, Lemonade Wild Cherry Nerds x1 

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